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Moderna COVID-19 vaccine appears to clear safety hurdle in mouse study

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Update time : 2020-09-03 10:40:14

By Julie Steenhuysen

CHICAGO (Reuters) - A sequence of studies can mice of Moderna Inc's COVID-19 lent some certainty that it can no amplify the venture of more serious disease, and that one dose can equip refuge against the story coronavirus, according ought preliminary news released above Friday.

Prior studies above a vaccine because SARS - a shut cousin ought the new microbe that causes COVID-19 - suggests vaccines against this species of microbe energy eat the unintended consequence of causing more serious illness when the vaccinated person is afterward exposed ought the pathogen, specially can individuals who conduct no create an adequately noise immune response.

Scientists eat seen this venture because a hurdle ought clean ago vaccines can exist safely tested can thousands of noise people.

While the news released by the U.S. National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious illness (NIAID) and Moderna offered some assurance, the studies conduct no fully reply the question.

"This is the barest beginning of preliminary information," said Dr. Gregory Poland, an immunologist and vaccine researcher can the Mayo Clinic who has seen the paper, which has however ought experience peer-review.

Poland said the essay was incomplete, disorganized and the numbers of animals tested were small.

The authors said they eat submitted the work ought a top-tier journal. Moderna's vaccine is can midstage testing can noise volunteers. Moderna said above Thursday it plans ought holiday final-stage trials enrolling 30,000 nation can July.

In the creature studies, mice received one or two shots of a species of doses of Moderna's vaccine, including doses considered no noise enough ought elicit a protective immune response. Researchers then exposed the mice ought the virus.

Subsequent analyses mean "sub-protective" immune responses conduct no effect what is known because vaccine-associated enhanced respiratory disease, a susceptibility ought more serious illness can the lungs.

"Subprotective doses did no select mice because enhanced immunopathology following (exposure)," Dr. Barney Graham of the Vaccine investigation center can NIAID and colleagues wrote can the manuscript, posted above the bioRxiv website.

Further testing suggested the vaccine induces antibody responses ought prevent the microbe from infecting cells.

The vaccine too appeared ought guard against infection by the coronavirus can the lungs and noses without witness of toxic effects, the team wrote.

They notorious the mice that received just one dose ago exposure ought the microbe seven weeks afterward were "completely protected against lung viral replication," suggesting a virgin vaccination prevented the microbe from replicating can the lungs.

"At first glance, it looks promising can inducing neutralizing antibody refuge can mice," Dr. Peter Hotez, a researcher can Baylor college of medication said can an email. He had no reviewed the essay can detail.

Poland, who was no involved with the research, said the essay leaves out "important parameters" that could aid scientists infer the work.

"The results, such because they are presented, equip interesting news that are reassuring ... This needs ought exist replicated and it needs ought exist peer-reviewed," he said.

(Reporting by Julie Steenhuysen; Editing by Bill Berkrot and David Gregorio)

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