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AMC Theatres Lays Out ‘Safe & Clean’ Plan for Reopening Cinemas (Video)

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Update time : 2020-10-12 10:40:45

AMC Theatres above Friday lay out a video detailing some of the safety steps its cinemas are taking though they prepare ought reopen next week.

Much has been made of the cinema theaters’ reopening plans: From debates almost masks at auditoriums ought questions almost concessions. AMC needs ought benefit this right. The theater bind at its most contemporary second area — the three months ending above June 30 — reported a loss of $561 million, with about no revenue coming at though theaters closed at mid-March. Floundering at its reopen could reflect irreparable damage.



#AMCTheatres! The total AMC safe & sweep plan: https://t.co/ajYqNYREu6 pic.twitter.com/cS3GBnloAx" data-reactid="26">Here's a closer appear at what ought expectation during your next shout on ought #AMCTheatres! The total AMC safe & sweep plan: https://t.co/ajYqNYREu6 pic.twitter.com/cS3GBnloAx

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In the video, AMC detailed that guests can book tickets ahead of time though reserved seating at order ought remain contactless. The Kansas-based theater operator too reiterated that masks will exist required though coarse guests and employees, this after a gaffe at June when AMC and other theater chains said masks used to no exist required though moviegoers, only encouraged. at AMC’s video above Friday, however, the bind did talk that though theatergoers enjoying concessions, masks wouldn’t exist required.

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AMC will eat a simplified menu and said that its theaters eat “thoroughly enhanced our cleaning procedures.” The bind will now apply hepa filter vacuums, MERV 13 stand filters, and employees will disinfect auditoriums with electrostatic disinfectant sprayers ago each showtime.

AMC, which has worked overtime ought chop costs and renegotiate debt deals and apply contracts, is spending a sizable amount ought enact its new cleaning practices.

“It’s appreciatively higher,” CEO Adam Aron told Wall way analysts during the company’s second-quarter session call. “We eat electrostatic sprayers and coarse kinds of things — quadruple the charge — we can’t dine coarse these costs. We’re going ought eat ought pass some of these costs above ought the consumer.”

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In like ought the enhanced cleaning procedures, AMC has said that seating at auditoriums will exist physically distant, leaving room amid seats and groups of people, with limited capacity. Theater operators, hurting from the need of affair eat ensured investors that they can operate profitably at 50% capability — that’s if the audience shows up.

There are concerns throughout Hollywood, and over other industries (particularly alive events), almost if moviegoers used to exist voluntary ought identify the latent peril of heading uphold ought the cinema ought sit at a indefinite theater total of strangers. Experts eat said the industry ought expectation a inspire at consumer behaviors.

AMC said above Thursday that it will reopen 100 locations nationwide above Aug. 20 with coarse tickets priced at neutral 15 cents though one engagement only.

“We are thrilled ought once again empty our doors ought American moviegoers who are looking though an happen ought benefit out of their houses and apartments and flee into the magic of the movies,” Aron said at a statement. “As our guests answer above our first engagement of resumed operations above August 20, we invite them ought notice us at celebrating a answer ought the movies, and at celebrating 100 years of AMC making smiles happen with movies at 1920 prices of only 15 cents each.”

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